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Neural AI - Our Team

Neural AI’s journey began as a humble yet ambitious venture by two university students, Matthew Galea and Kurt Abela. Looking to earn some extra money on the side, they founded Neural Solutions. In its early days, the company was a jack-of-all-trades in the digital world, taking on various projects from website development to crafting booking systems. As time passed, what started as a side hustle gradually morphed into something much more significant. The company’s growth and evolution in expertise led to a more focused direction, eventually rebranding as Neural AI.

This growth wasn’t just in scope but also in partnerships. A pivotal moment came when Neural AI joined forces with Born Digital, a renowned and well-connected brand in Malta known for its leadership in web development, e-commerce sites, and custom-built systems. This partnership marked a significant milestone, enabling Neural AI to expand its offerings to Data & AI Solutions, tailored to the local market. Through this collaboration, Neural AI and Born Digital have made substantial contributions to notable local entities, including VisitMalta and the Malta Film Commission, demonstrating their combined strength and commitment to elevating the digital landscape in Malta. Neural AI’s story is one of passion, growth, and the pursuit of excellence, firmly establishing itself as a key player in the realm of AI and data solutions.


Matthew Galea

Starting his career in automating digital marketing efforts, he moved to leading development teams towards successfully executing numerous complex development projects. He is an Artificial Intelligence graduate, also added to the faculty’s 2021 Dean’s List.

Kurt Abela

Big Data & AI PHD Student & UoM Researcher. With primary focus on Natural Language Processing he’s one of Malta pioneers in developing Data-Driven Maltese Chatbots.